New Build Home Snagging

Professional Snagging
For New Build Homes or Extensions

If you have bought a new build home in the last 2 years you’re probably expecting it to be absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, even the best new homes can have issues.

Snagging of

The good news is that newbuild homeowners have two years to report any reportable defects to their housebuilder.

By using the professional snagging service from ABC building consultants, you can have peace of mind that both major and minor problems that otherwise go unnoticed are reported to your housebuilder before your property is out of its warranty period.

A snagging survey from us will ensure that your property will be fully compliant with NHBC standards and where it isn’t these issues can be reported to your housebuilder and for them to rectify.

New Build Home Snagging
New Build Snagging Survey

What is a Snagging Survey?

A snagging survey is designed to check for problems with in a new build home.

A snagging survey can be carried out any time after legal completion and within two years of the legal completion date. The house builder must repair any defects that are reported within this two year period.

It is recommended, however, that any snags are reported as soon as possible to your house builder so that any issues highlighted cannot be put down to accidental damage or wear and tear.

What Does A Snagging Survey Include
with ABC Building Consultants?

Unlike traditional house surveys, snagging surveys pick up everything from minor issues such as a door that doesn’t close properly or a leaking radiator to more serious structural problems. Here at ABC Building Consultants, all snagging surveys are completed by a professional building consultant who has over 30 years experience of working as a site manager on new build properties.

All defects found within your home will be produced using a traffic light system highlighting the defects that are to be reported.

Our traffic light system will categorise faults into three sections.


For all the faults that are out of NHBC standards and must be rectified by the house builder as a matter of urgency.


These issues are below standard and must be corrected by the builder in due course.


These issues are minor and fall within NHBC standards, however it is good practice for the house builder to rectify the items reported.

What Happens After A Snagging Survey
has been completed?

Once a snagging survey is complete a copy will be emailed or posted to you for you to send to your house builder. For those customers who require further assistance, ABC Building Consultants can offer further packages of support, such as liaising with your builder to discuss the points raised in the survey or to complete final inspections to ensure work has been carried out to standard.

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