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Site Management
For Home Builders

As any housebuilding company knows, ultimately the build quality of your homes is dependent upon the experience, management skills and attitude of the individual site manager in control of the construction site.

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Site Management Consultancy

ABC Building Consultants offer a comprehensive site management service from:

  1. Managing your site when your site manager is on holiday.
  2. Getting your site ready for the NHBC Pride in the Job inspection
  3. Improving your NHBC standards and reducing your reportable items.
  4. Improving and reducing your NHBC Health and Safety reportable items.

Why Choose
ABC Building Consultants

ABC specialises in reducing reportable items to NHBC standards and Health & Safety, helping to increase your premium ratings within the industry.

The proprietor of ABC, Anthony Charnock, has a proven track record in NHBC standards having only one reportable item in last three years and no reportable Health & Safety items in the last five.

Before you call out your NHBC inspector, ABC can provide a step by step guide to assist your onsite team to prepare for pre-plaster, air test and CML inspections, therefore reducing your reportable items and increasing your NHBC top 5 rating.

Health and Safety
Getting Your Paperwork In Order

ABC can provide a step by step guidance for your onsite team to assist with NHBC Health & Safety audits. The guidance provides information on how to reduce reportable items.

It also shows how to ensure that your paperwork is in order, eg:

• Subcontractors method statements are up to date and the information in their packs is correct
• Checking that your construction phase plan and Health & Safety plan are up to date and are all signed off correctly

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